IUP Student Apartments

Great Apartments, Houses, and Townhouses Near the IUP Campus.


Find your perfect student rental with Alare Student Housing. We have a number of excellent off-campus student housing options. Our rentals are clean, affordable, and close to the IUP campus. Student leases are available.

Find the perfect off-campus rental

Find student housing that is clean and affordable. Find the perfect place to call home while you study at IUP.


Rent Per Student Per Semester
925 Garman Avenue: $3,300.00
546 Locust Street: $3,525.00
636 Locust Street: $4.050.00
725 South Street Apt #1: $3,425.00
725 South Street Apt #2: $3,425.00
725 South Street Apt #3: $3,425.00
401 S. Taylor Ave: $2,875.00
912 Wayne Ave: $3,075.00
918 Wayne Ave: $3,075.00
924 Wayne Ave Apt #1: $4,050.00
924 Wayne Ave Apt #2: $4,050.00

What makes a great off-campus apartment?

Close to campus.

Obviously, this is a huge factor in choosing the right apartment during your time at IUP. Why waste time and money commuting, when you can find a place within walking distance from campus. Our apartments are near campus and will help to make your experience at college even better.

Close to other important places.

Often overlooked is access to other places in the community, including grocery stores, local banks, and public transportation. How close is the apartment to other important places? Keep this in mind when choosing your perfect off-campus apartment.

Time and money-saving amenities.

What about internet and utilities. Many of these are included in our apartment rentals. Check out the individual rental pages for specific information about the great cost-saving features included in our rental apartments.

Trustworthy landlords.

Having a great landlord will make a huge difference. We are committed in quickly and efficiently helping our renters with maintenance issues.